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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


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We have a successful business strategy and motivation of our employees by offering a winning model for work with our clients.


We have the ambitions for a long-term and noticeable presence on the property market in the northeastern part of Bulgaria – mainly of the agricultural land market in the Silistra district and the neghbouring districts.

GEOTREND executes geodesic activities (cadastre, measurements, regulation). Our team is formed of motivated employees with great experience. Part of the team took part in dozens of planning programmes concerning land regulation and division of land as per the Law on agricultural land ownership and use at the very beginning of the nineties, as well as in the planning programmes about the divisions of the forests in compliance with the Law on ownership and restoration of the forests and agricultural land of the forest fund in 1999 – 2000.

Due to Geotrend, at the present moment, on the territory of the Silistra district Advance Terrafund REIT owns over 35 000 decares cropland, granted to leaseholders with rental contracts in conformity with the Law on agricultural land rent. There are a lot of physical persons among our clients that have already invested in agricultural land in the region. The acquired properties are rented out too.


Geotrend is a small team of highly educated young people and due to their ambition, competence and experience we offer qualitative services in the realization of real estates purchases, investment consultancy and property management, as well as geodesic activities up to the requirements of the LAW ON CADASTRE AND PROPERTY REGISTER.

The team comprises of experts in the purchase of real estates and property management and experts in the technological activities as per the LAW ON CADASTRE AND PROPERTY REGISTER.


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